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Last Words

When I was in seminary there was a tradition that we all loved.  It was called, “the last lecture series”.  Every so often one of the professors would be given the opportunity to give a ‘last lecture’ to the entire seminary community.  What that meant was that the professor would ‘pretend’ that this was his or her last lecture to be given ever.  Whatever that professor wanted to say was up to them and some of us would speculate before hand about what was coming.  Would they try and sum up their teaching career?

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Welcome to First Presbyterian! As Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Glen Cove, I welcome you to this site and to our church. We hope you will visit this site often and will also want to join us for Sunday morning worship or for some of our many other programs, ministries and events throughout the year. I know you will find among us a diverse and vibrant group of people working to make a difference in our world and community…As an open and affirming church we believe that ALL people are children of God. We recognize, celebrate and give thanks for the rich diversity and boundless gifts of all God’s children.Hope you can join us! If I can answer any questions about our church please feel free to contact me directly at,
Rev. Betsy Simpson – Pastor
 Betsy Simpson

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